Australia one step closer to world-class organ donation rates

- if Government delivers on review response

After extensive analysis of the Department of Health’s Review of the Implementation of the National Reform Agenda for Organ Donation, community group ShareLife has welcomed the Federal Government’s response.

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ShareLife, a community group made up of business experts, medical professionals, transplant recipients and donor families, says that real reform is long overdue and this response from Minister Nash shows a commitment to driving change and delivering the world-class organ donation system Australians deserve.

Gus McIvor, Director at ShareLife said: “We congratulate the government for its broad consultation and recognition of the evidence of the need for change. If appropriately implemented, the recommendations highlighted by Minister Nash look set to deliver the increased transparency and accountability needed to ensure reform is progressing and delivering the results Australians deserve.

“We need the accountability mechanisms in place to make sure the money government is spending on reform actually delivers change at the National, State and hospital levels. A system of independent accreditation to ensure hospitals are implementing a leading practice system will equip government with the necessary evidence for targeting support and resources where they are needed.

“The addition of a Board of Governance with enforcement powers, made up of individuals with appropriate expertise, will provide the leadership and oversight necessary to drive real reform. The enforcement of improved reporting requirements will also be a crucial factor in creating a culture of openness and transparency in the sector. Both of these recommendations, if effectively implemented, are extremely positive steps towards the necessary environment for the evidence-based reform we need to save more lives.

“We look forward to working cooperatively with the Minister, the Department of Health and other stakeholders to ensure this response is translated into action to change the lives of hundreds more Australians waiting for a transplant.

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